commit:     9fd3b24d4b8110e37b9a59abc14f76b6d575e58e
Author:     Ian Stakenvicius <axs <AT> gentoo <DOT> org>
AuthorDate: Wed Sep 21 20:24:21 2016 +0000
Commit:     Ian Stakenvicius <axs <AT> gentoo <DOT> org>
CommitDate: Wed Sep 21 20:24:21 2016 +0000

www-client/firefox: add 'jemalloc' flag to metadata.xml

Package-Manager: portage-2.2.28

 www-client/firefox/metadata.xml | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/www-client/firefox/metadata.xml b/www-client/firefox/metadata.xml
index dde9d82..fbdfd67 100644
--- a/www-client/firefox/metadata.xml
+++ b/www-client/firefox/metadata.xml
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
                downloaded and kept up-to-date in user profiles</flag>
        <flag name="gstreamer-0">Use gstreamer:0.10 instead of gstreamer:1 for 
media support</flag>
        <flag name="hwaccel">Use hardware-accelerated rendering</flag>
+       <flag name="jemalloc">Enable or disable jemalloc</flag>
        <flag name="jemalloc3">Enable or disable jemalloc3 (forced-on when 
supported prior to 38.0)</flag>
        <flag name="minimal">Prevent sdk and headers from being installed</flag>
        <flag name="pgo">Add support for profile-guided optimization using 

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