commit:     e156d77839f174236dbe2eab3719af8142f55701
Author:     Thomas Deutschmann <whissi <AT> gentoo <DOT> org>
AuthorDate: Fri Jan 20 21:07:41 2017 +0000
Commit:     Thomas Deutschmann <whissi <AT> gentoo <DOT> org>
CommitDate: Fri Jan 20 21:10:38 2017 +0000

net-libs/libvncserver: Rev bump to remove sub slot

In commit 13bf08599c6d3 I (Whissi) introduced a sub slot which the main
proxy-maintainer declines (see bug #604192 comment 7).

This rev bump will remove the sub slot.


Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.3, Repoman-2.3.1

 .../{libvncserver-0.9.11.ebuild => libvncserver-0.9.11-r1.ebuild}      | 3 ++-
 net-libs/libvncserver/metadata.xml                                     | 3 ---
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/net-libs/libvncserver/libvncserver-0.9.11.ebuild 
similarity index 97%
rename from net-libs/libvncserver/libvncserver-0.9.11.ebuild
rename to net-libs/libvncserver/libvncserver-0.9.11-r1.ebuild
index dc77dbb..f4e5e49 100644
--- a/net-libs/libvncserver/libvncserver-0.9.11.ebuild
+++ b/net-libs/libvncserver/libvncserver-0.9.11-r1.ebuild
@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ HOMEPAGE="";
+# No sub slot wanted (yet), see #578958
 KEYWORDS="~alpha ~amd64 ~arm ~hppa ~ia64 ~mips ~ppc ~ppc64 ~s390 ~sh ~sparc 
~x86 ~x86-fbsd ~amd64-linux ~arm-linux ~x86-linux"
 IUSE="+24bpp gcrypt gnutls ipv6 +jpeg libressl +png ssl static-libs systemd 
test threads +zlib"
 REQUIRED_USE="!gnutls? ( ssl? ( threads ) )"

diff --git a/net-libs/libvncserver/metadata.xml 
index 404451b..6c1ab10 100644
--- a/net-libs/libvncserver/metadata.xml
+++ b/net-libs/libvncserver/metadata.xml
@@ -20,9 +20,6 @@ surfing the internet.
 Now that you want to make a VNC server, that is, a server which speaks 
 the RFB protocol, you can download this library from sourceforge.
-       <slots>
-               <subslots>Reflect major ABI of</subslots>
-       </slots>
                <flag name="24bpp">enable 24bpp support</flag>
                <flag name="gcrypt">enable support for gcrypt</flag>

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