On Fri, Apr 08, 2005 at 07:19:06AM -0400, Dan Meltzer wrote:
> One thing... Maybe its just me... or maybe they are in no way related,
> but I seem to have heard of a lot more 'libtool' problems when using a
> snapshot version instead of a regularly numbered version, is there a
> reason?

Maybe you mean this?

 * Scanning libtool files for hardcoded gcc library paths...
 *   [1/6] Scanning /lib ...
 *   [2/6] Scanning /usr/lib ...
 *     FIXING: /usr/lib/bmp/Input/libmpg123.la ...[v]
 *     FIXING: /usr/lib/kde3/libk3boggvorbisdecoder.la ...[v]
 *     FIXING: /usr/lib/kde3/libk3bexternalencoder.la ...[v]

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