On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 03:22:38PM +0200, Francesco Riosa wrote:
> Anyway the question is a bit different:
> There are "often"  problem of various kind that regard the toolchain, 
> varying from linkage, paths, environmental variables ...
> Everytime one of this happen users (and probably devs ;) have a Gentoo 
> in a quite unusable state.
> My question is:
> can we fight against this in any way ?
> if yes what is needed (dev or portage or user side) ?

More testing. I for one did not have a problem at all
upgrading to gcc- on a stable system when mike
requested testing.
When it actually went stable, problems suddenly showed up on
other peoples' machines. Had they been testing as well, these
errors would have been caught before going stable.

One advantage (or, in this case, problem) of gentoo is that the
system is highly customizable. A lot of errors only show up in
certain configurations. So the more people test things and report
errors, the more stable the system (and the toolchain) becomes.
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