Francesco Riosa wrote:
> Lance Albertson wrote:
> >Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> >>Many thanks to Francesco Riosa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for his
> >> hard work in dealing with MySQL-4.1. He's joining Gentoo soon as a new
> >> developer to help maintain MySQL for the 4.1 and 5.0 series, and
> >> hopefully also providing a package for the official MySQL AB binaries.
> >
> >Great work! I used his 4.1.11 ebuild recently and everything seems to work
> >pretty well. I'll see if I can try the 4.1.12 ebuild soon. Upgrades within
> > the 4.1.x series shouldn't be painful right?
> >
It's all grate! But how about mysql 5 ?
And wath about spliting mysq into mysql-server and mysql-client how it do  
like in FreeBSD.

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