Hello all,

The subject says it all: no more feature requests for portage (the package
manager) until further notice. This does not include submitting of patches
that add new features. "Further notice" will likely mean when the next major
version of portage becomes stable.

The reason behind this is that at approximately two thirds of bugs received
are feature requests and they are drowning at the real bugs. More importantly,
the critical bugs are becoming very hard to keep track of. This, at a time
when we are focusing on fixing major and critical bugs only so as to get the
next version completed quicker.

Most of the current feature requests will be available at the time when the
next version goes stable (and that which isn't should be relatively painless
to implement) so don't worry that things will go stagnant.

However, if you are worried, I'll be posting a weekly summary of portage bug
activity to gentoo-portage-dev@gentoo.org from now on. If you'd like to join
the portage team or just feel like giving a quick hand, have a browse through
the bugs and see what fixes you can come up with.

Jason Stubbs

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