I have no clue if this will work, but maybe try the -n option.  The man says
that it won't write to /etc/mtab, but I'm hoping it will ignore it as well and
just go for the mount.  Also, you'll be remounting / as read-only effectively,
so you won't be able to write /etc/mtab anyways.

Jeff Walter

Rafael Espíndola wrote:
I am trying to build a system that uses a unionfs as root. The init
script is based on the one used by gentoo and uses initramfs. The
problem is how to remount the unionfs constituents read only during

cat /proc/mounts displays /dev/hda1 (ext2) mounted rw in /memory. The
problem is that /memory is no longer visible after the init script did
a chroot and a

mount -o remount,ro /dev/hda1

says that /dev/hda1 is not mounted!

does any anyone has an idea?


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