On Friday 29 July 2005 19:02, Carsten Lohrke wrote:
> Don't get what you want to say... I read Diego's comment as an ironic one,
> that there's no need for the PATCHES variable, which is of course true, but
> you don't have to write "src_unpack(){ foo_unpack ; epatch some_patch }"
> just for a single patch. I'm a bit surprised by such a comment on this
> triviality.
No I wasn't saying that it's useless to use PATCHES.. actually, if this is 
going to be fixed (the failure stuff) I think I'll start using it more.
What I was saying was that Mike's comment could have been read as "just move 
to epatch, if something breaks (like packages dying as the patch fails to 
apply) it was broken QA-wise before.

No irony, really.

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