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> We're working to provide support for both PHP4 and PHP5 running on the
> same box.  At the moment, this work is available in a tarball overlay
> [1], along with a number of supporting eselect modules [2],[3],[4].  The
> overlay contains new dev-lang/php packages, and PHP extensions under
> dev-php4/ and dev-php5 categories.
> The new dev-lang/php package in the overlay replaces dev-php/php,
> dev-php/php-cgi, and dev-php/mod_php.  The overlay uses a single package
> to deliver all three SAPIs.  The package is SLOTed, allowing PHP4 and
> PHP5 to be installed on the same box at the same time.
> The new dev-lang/php package provides two virtuals:
> * virtual/php - means that the php CLI SAPI is installed
> * virtual/httpd-php - means that php-cgi or mod_php is installed
> There are packages in Portage which currently (R)DEPEND on dev-php/php
> or dev-php/mod_php.  When this overlay has been added to Portage, we'll
> need to fix all of these packages to (R)DEPEND on the virtuals instead.
> In the overlay, PHP extensions move from dev-php into dev-php4/ and
> dev-php5 categories.  Install packages from dev-php4/ if you want to use
> them for PHP4, and from dev-php5/ if you want to use them for PHP5.  The
> category names are provisional; we may go with php4-ext and php5-ext
> when we add all of this stuff into the Portage tree.
> We're part-way through adding all the extensions to the overlay.
> The dev-lang/php package installs into /usr/lib/php[45]/, and does not
> install the php or php-cgi binaries into /usr/bin.  We've written three
> modules for eselect, which you can use to make /usr/bin/php et al
> symlink either to PHP4 or PHP5 as you wish.  The symlinks are not needed
> by any of the packages in the overlay.
> PEAR support is next on the list.  We will make the overlay work with
> the existing dev-php/PEAR-* packages in Portage.  dev-php/PEAR-PEAR will
> install the 'pear' command; it won't be installed by dev-lang/php (we'll
> make dev-lang/php RDEPEND on dev-php/PEAR-PEAR so that pear continues to
> be installed by default).
> After that, we have a lot of testing to do, some documentation to write,
> and we need to decide on the best way to add these packages into Portage
> to replace the existing PHP packages.  Nothing has been decided yet, but
> it would make sense for the dev-php/php-4* packages and the new
> dev-lang/php package to both exist as stable packages for a transitional
> period, whilst the masked dev-php/php-5* packages would be dropped in
> favour of the dev-lang/php package.
> Once the packages are in the Portage tree, it will take a bit of time to
> mark them stable.  We hope to have x86 and ppc stable a month or so
> after the release of php-5.1.0, but that is an aspiration, not a
> commitment.
> To keep up to date with the latest news on this work, follow my blog
> postings [5].  The best way to provide feedback is to pop into
> #gentoo-apache on irc.freenode.org.
You are greate man!!!!

WBR, Alexander Simonov
Ukrainian Gentoo Community Coordinator

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