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> Donnie Berkholz wrote:
> | Chris Gianelloni wrote:
> | | What do I RDEPEND on if the app is statically linked, but requires a
> | | local X server to connect to, like many binary games require?
> |
> | xorg-server is the package providing the servers. Alternately, there's
> | kdrive in the tree now, and I should soon be adding an updated version
> | of that renamed to xserver once I convince latexer or twp to add the new
> | glitz. Or the old xorg-x11. Or xdirectfb.
> Oh yeah. If this X server isn't actually required to complete the
> installation, please don't add it to the dependencies. That breaks
> things for people interested in running applications over the network.
> They only require the libraries and headers locally.

I was referring to games that require a local X server, which is pretty
much all of the binary games, especially OpenGL-based ones.  For
anything non-OpenGL or source-based, the dependencies would be explicit
on the libraries needed.

Now, if any of you have some secret that allows games like Enemy
Territory to display to a remote machine, I'd love to hear them.

Chris Gianelloni
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