Daniel Drake wrote:

Examples of what people are requesting:
- Ability to browse the 'archives' (i.e. the content which has dropped off the end of the page, which planet discards)
- Ability to search the content and the archives
- Ability to browse by Gentoo herd, i.e. view the weblogs of the apache

I patched the Planet source to add all the entries to an sql
database then wrote a quick CherryPy demo [1] that uses the existing
Planet's template system.

The example just has the entries for a few random developers. You can
search the titles or full text. Source code available [2] for
the curious. You'll need dev-python/cherrypy and USE='sqlite'

If I can get ahold of the config.ini and template for the actual
Planet Gentoo I'll be able to get the herd info from usernames
(and make it look like the real deal).

[1] http://gentooexperimental.org:9898/
[2] http://dev.gentoo.org/~pythonhead/planetdb.tbz2

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