On Tue, 2005-08-16 at 18:18 -0400, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> suggestion:
> stop keeping ChangeLog files in CVS and instead, let them be generated 
> automagically by the cvs server using the last <arbitrary number> of commit 
> messages.  if you really want to keep a commit message out of the changelog, 
> then we come up with a simple policy of prefixing the message with a period 
> (to keep it hidden :P).

This would remove the possibility of correcting an entry in the
ChangeLog in case of a typo or wrong assumption etc.

> logic:
>  - i'm lazy

That's not a valid argument - you can use a bash function for calling
echangelog and repoman as shown numerous times on this list.

>  - i hate typing the samething twice (yes, bash scripting with echangelog can 
> kind of take care of this) ... it doesnt handle if you want to use different 
> commit messages for different files

Can you give an example of why you would want to use different commit
messages in a single commit?

>  - shrinks ChangeLog size for packages which have been around a very long time

This is the only real advantage I see from the above proposal - but I
don't think that warrants the change. I doubt the saved space would be
that significant.

>  - forces cvs log messages to actually be worthwhile to read and makes 
> browsing cvs history much nicer (it's very easy to look at the differences 
> between two files and match up a good commit message rather than trying to 
> figure out what message in the ChangeLog goes with it, assuming there is one)

See my first answer (bash function).

>  - easily standardize ChangeLog format wrt to header, copyrights, licensing, 
> message formatting, name/date format

Already done by echangelog.

>  - generate dates in UTC down to the second rather than having devs hand type 
> them in their local timezone for just the current day

I thought echangelog already did this based on TZ?

>  - maybe some other things i havent thought of
>  - i'm lazy

See my first answer (bash function).

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