Extracted from what Henrik Brix Andersen wrote:
That's not a valid argument - you can use a bash function for calling
echangelog and repoman as shown numerous times on this list.

See my first answer (bash function).

See my first answer (bash function).

From a database point of view, it is evil to duplicate values in an automated manner, just use a foreign key for such purposes. In other words, avoid duplication. If such bash function is a common tool then -- apart from wondering why it isn't part of the default suite -- this anti-duplication constraint is being broken massively. I like Mike's idea, because it deals with data redundancy and basically uses this 'foreign key' for the changelog.

In other words: centralise the administration, don't make yourself having to keep multiple copies up-to-date, you're doomed to make errors with that.

Just my two cents.

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