On Wednesday 17 August 2005 15:14, Grobian wrote:
> The whole point was that I like avoiding storing data double
> (redundant), if that can be done easily.
It has its own pro and cons as quite everything. You can avoid storing data 
double but makes more difficult to access it by the priority end users (devs; 
while users use changelogs, too, devs are the ones who really need to access 

> As for the forum example: it wouldn't be a foreign key if there wasn't a
> left outer join to look up the respective value for the column.  And so
> that left outer join is here to generate the Changelog to be "backwards
> compatible"
The problem is where this is going to be generated. If this is going to be 
generated in the staging box before going in rsync, every dev that doesn't 
use rsync should use cvs log command to get the data, and this is quite 
unpractical (and requires bandwidth and adds load to the cvs server).

So we should balance redundancy and load... I still think that a little 
redundancy of the changelogs saves us from having to add load to the staging 
or cvs box...

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