Mike Frysinger wrote:
> suggestion:
> stop keeping ChangeLog files in CVS and instead, let them be generated 
> automagically by the cvs server using the last <arbitrary number> of commit 
> messages.  if you really want to keep a commit message out of the changelog, 
> then we come up with a simple policy of prefixing the message with a period 
> (to keep it hidden :P).

Just a little question:
Would this work if somebody makes a CVS branch of something and then
merges that branch back into the main trunk. The last commit would be
the commit of the merge which hopefully only have the changes made on
the branch. Thus gives double Changelog entries with the same meaning...
or... no I think I got it... the period thing... to keep the merge
commit hidden... guess I should have kept my mouth shut...

*me goes back into lurk mode*

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