On Tue, 23 Aug 2005 02:33:53 -0500, Brian Harring wrote
> As stated in 100872, any solution involving centralizing the use 
> flags on gstreamer requires use deps.
> Can't centralize the use flags on gstreamer till they're available, 
> without doing something QA has every right to wedgie you for 
> (build_with_use die's in pkg_setup).

Not at all. As you see in the answer from Carsten Lohrke on 100872
centralizing use flags has nothing to do with use deps in this case (gstreamer).

"The point is that as soon as a plugin is available to one application it's
available to all - despite of having the corresponding use flagged dependency
set or not. That's a) illogical and b) when users uninstall a plugin they did
not depend on for one application, but are used to it in between because it
was invoked by another ebuild, you run into exactly the same problem (and
possible "bug" reports): Users who don't know how their applications with
gstreamer work."


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