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> On Monday 19 September 2005 15:22, warnera6 wrote:
> > Mark Loeser wrote:
> > > Paul de Vrieze wrote:
> > >> I think that dev-util is a very specific category containing
> > >> development utilities of some sort. There might be some
> > >> misclassifications in them, but from a user perspective I don't really
> > >> care about the language anything is written in. As C++ is so
> > >> widespread I don't think that anything but app-misc or the like should
> > >> be moved into a dev-cpp category.
> > >
> > > This isn't for what the package is written in, but more for what the
> > > package is for.  If the package is a utility for use when doing coding
> > > with C++, like the ones I listed, then I think it should be in dev-cpp.
> > >  That's what the metadata for the category describes it to be.
> > >
> > > Mark
> >
> > Once again I'd like to point out that organizing packages in the tree by
> > category is a stupid idea for this very reason.
> and what's *your* certain proposal then?

That's been discussed a number of times already. The best idea is to
leave the categories alone and forget that the category means anything.
Or, to throw the ball back in your court, could *you* suggest
alternatives that accomplish the following:

(quoting [1]:)

More precisely, what I'd like to see, in order of preference, is

- that package in my overlay that has net-wireless/gnome-phone-manager
  in its *DEPENDs to work for as long as needed
- the net-wireless/gnome-phone-manager that I have in my overlay to work
  for as long as needed
- my net-wireless/gnome-phone-manager binary packages to work without
  having to be "fixpackage"d
- the location of the ebuilds for net-wireless/gnome-phone-manager to
  stay in the same physical path on my filesystem 

end quote

I would grade the above features as "vital", "badly needed", "happy to
see it done", "cosmetic". I.e., even solving only the first one is
enough, though if you could get to number two it would be better.


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