What about mass instalation Gentoo?
Now it's how i know impossible, it's get more time.
Any one know technology for mass instalation Gentoo?
W/ NFS,HTTP or FTP instalation.
W/ X server, KDE or Gnome ?
W/ Office packages?
How i know RH and SuSE have this.
Thank you for ansver.

On Fri, 14.10.2005 10:12, Duncan wrote:
> Stefan Schweizer posted
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, excerpted
> below,  on Thu, 13 Oct 2005 23:33:57 +0200:
>> I want to preinstall Gentoo Linux on some devices for customers. Do
>> you have any tips for preinstallation, any scripts? What is the
>> correct prcedure of doing so?
>> Anyone knows of something like a "sysprep" script for linux that will
>> ask the costumer for user  and passwort setup when he first switches
>> on the PC?

> This is what the catalyst application does -- allow one to make their own
> customized LiveCD installers*, just like Gentoo does with each periodic
> snapshot release. The ebuild is in portage, and there's a catalyst
> specific mailing list, should you have any questions.
> ---
> * Presumably, they don't have to be CDs or CD images, but I've never used
> it personally and haven't chanced to see that specifically stated in
> threads such as this that I've come across, so can't say for sure.

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