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Well there are a few problems, but yes I cannot name them now.
Using Japanese, Cyrillic and English in a few encodings each is a big nightmare.

It's true! We in xUSSR use KOI8-R, KOI8-U, CP1251 ( aka Windows-1251),

Nowadays I try to move everything to UTF-8, but there are those windoze users
and webdevs that make all Japanese in Shift_JIS ... So support of wide range of
encodings is a must, but UTF-8 is the truth.

The only thing that's nasty: we don't have any good utf8-fonts for the console.
And not only the console.
Even for xterm there are not many good fonts (known to me) that display both 
and Cyrillic in regular and bold. Currently there is only on combination that 
works for me.

What about terminus and UniCyr (unicode font from console-tools-cyrillic)?
I am use this fonts and most of russian speaking people says what this
font is the best font for cyrilic charsets.
I am don't see any issues in fonts for me.

So fonts, font config and related stuff is what has to be fixed first.

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