I finally had a few free cycles, so I fixed up the eselect-compiler ebuild to better handle the transition from gcc-config and updated toolchain.eclass to better work with multilib. I've had a bunch of help from the amd64 devs/testers/users this past week testing it out, and I think it's ready to be removed from package.mask sometime soon (next week). Before that happens, I'd like to get some feedback from a broader test base, so if you have some time and aren't using eselect-compiler yet, I'd appreciate your testing. All you need to do is add the following to /etc/portage/package.unmask:


then just update gcc-config:
$ emerge -uv --oneshot sys-devel/gcc-config

gcc-config is just a wrapper which takes the same syntax as the older gcc-configs and makes the appropriate call to eselect-compiler.

Please report any bugs you find in bugzilla and assign them directly to me ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).

Also, if you've been using eselect-compiler, you may have an issue where your profiles don't get removed from /etc/eselect/compiler when you unmerge gcc. This problem is fixed now for future installs, but you'll have to manually remove the file when you unmerge any gcc that is on your system now.


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