Donnie Berkholz wrote:
Jakub Moc wrote:
=virtual/x11-7 is hiding breakage in ebuilds that are not ported for
modular X.

I couldn't agree more, but I was forced to add this rather than allow
unported ebuilds to break.


Hmmm...Looks to me like it would be a great idea to fix the unported ebuilds. Would it be possible to mark virtual/x11-7 as deprecated (using enotice/ewarn or similar), in order to get people to port any build relying on it to modular X?

The way I see it, once virtual/x11-7 has been deprecated for a while (6 months to a year) and most popular packages have been ported to modular X, virtual/x11-7 and any packages still relying on it could be given Last Rites.


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