Ned Ludd wrote:
On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 16:05 -0400, Alec Warner wrote:

We've discussed this multiple times, and it's always been the conclusion that per package.env should go in bashrc, as bashrc is generally more powerful than anything we could devise. The only downside afaik, for bashrc is that you can't do per package FEATURES as FEATURES is a python-side var. But you shouldn't need per package FEATURES by design;
FEATURES are for portage, not your ebuild.

This is a thumbs up? I've got the code sitting in my
$PORTDIR/profiles/base/profile.bashrc to give us just this.
I'd be all to happy to commit it. So that's a yes right? :)

As I told you on IRC, it's not your job to listen to the portage devs on this one, you know what was intended for that support, we've argued over it a dozen times. There is nothing we can do to stop you from "mis-using" something in portage, aside from complaining and removing it in the next version. I believe we have made our recommendation and you know what we think you should do, but we are not Gentoo.

I would be more concerned with convincing the rest of the developers. adding crap in base profile.bashrc will affect 99% of users, so it better be friggin correct and useful, otherwise you will piss a ton of people off.
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