I have founded a new Gentoo Project for the Gentoo User Overlay.

The intention is to give contributors a single place to put their ebuilds -
a place where they can be downloaded, updated and be moved to portage more
easily than through bugzilla. It is also a good place for users who would
like to become developers to learn how to commit and how to not break the

You can find the project page as a subproject of the overlays project [1]

The overlay is available on overlays.gentoo.org [2] 

Initially jokey and myself will be working on this. The current focus is to
migrate ebuilds from bugzilla into the overlay and to get contributors to
commit their changes to the overlay instead of updating the bugzilla every

Anyone who wants to help, please stop by in #gentoo-overlays @ freenode

[1] http://gentoo.org/proj/en/overlays/sunrise
[2] http://overlays.gentoo.org/svn/proj/sunrise

- Stefan

PS: This is an announcement - No flamewars allowed

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