On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 08:58:46PM +0100, Luis Medinas wrote:
> Xmms will be removed soon... Lot's of users still use xmms mostly
> because it has many plugins that others don't. Xmms is still stable but
> the upstream is dead so it won't take our patchset. In the end of this
> year i would like to remove xmms and all plugins but before i need to
> prepare users for this changes and clean some maintainer-wanted bugs for
> plugins.
Provide migration options for the plugins - some of the code is out
there, it's not in the tree yet, three that I actively use are xosd (the
XMMS plugin is with the xosd package), xmms-realrandom and

There are SUSE rpms for audacious-xosd, but I haven't found the SRPM or
other source anywhere.

In the past, the base xmms plugins were all split to be seperate
packages, could something similar happen with audacious?

It is possible to reduce some of the memory overhead? Comparing a clean
start of xmms to a clean start of audacious with my playlist takes twice
as much virt space, and 50% more resident memory - long term the numbers
look even worse for audacious.

Robin Hugh Johnson
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