Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
> I finally had a few free cycles, so I fixed up the eselect-compiler
> ebuild to better handle the transition from gcc-config and updated
> toolchain.eclass to better work with multilib.  I've had a bunch of help
> from the amd64 devs/testers/users this past week testing it out, and I
> think it's ready to be removed from package.mask sometime soon (next
> week).  Before that happens, I'd like to get some feedback from a
> broader test base, so if you have some time and aren't using
> eselect-compiler yet, I'd appreciate your testing.  All you need to do
> is add the following to /etc/portage/package.unmask:

This aliases g77 to gfortran and gfortran to g77. They are entirely
different compilers and do not accept all the same options. This is
incredibly broken behavior, it masks issues in a number of packages and
creates new issues in many others. Please fix it.


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