On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 05:00:41PM -0700, infowolfe wrote:
> >Kernel headers being the virtual/linux-headers dependency that Georgi
> >mentioned.  `uname -r` works, but is annoying because you can't build
> >for a kernel other than the one you're running.
> Which only applies to kernel modules, not things like gnupg that don't
> REALLY need kernel sources in order to function.
Gnupg builds it's secure memory functionality differently based on what
is available from the kernel. All of the possible APIs are available in
the headers, but depending on what the kernel is configured as, affects
which of the APIs provide secure memory blocks.

With GnuPG, it happens that on older LiveCDs, the kernel that is running
from the LiveCD doesn't offer what it wants, but the one that you would
be rebooting to does.

Could upstream have handled it better? Yes, most definitely. Did they?
No, not yet. We're stuck picking up the pieces.

Robin Hugh Johnson
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