maillog: 19/06/2006-17:15:37(-0700): Robin H. Johnson types
> On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 05:00:41PM -0700, infowolfe wrote:
> > >Kernel headers being the virtual/linux-headers dependency that Georgi
> > >mentioned.  `uname -r` works, but is annoying because you can't build
> > >for a kernel other than the one you're running.
> > Which only applies to kernel modules, not things like gnupg that don't
> > REALLY need kernel sources in order to function.
> Gnupg builds it's secure memory functionality differently based on what
> is available from the kernel. All of the possible APIs are available in
> the headers, but depending on what the kernel is configured as, affects
> which of the APIs provide secure memory blocks.
> With GnuPG, it happens that on older LiveCDs, the kernel that is running
> from the LiveCD doesn't offer what it wants, but the one that you would
> be rebooting to does.
> Could upstream have handled it better? Yes, most definitely. Did they?
> No, not yet. We're stuck picking up the pieces.

What does upstream have to do with the decision to "chmod u+s,go-r
/usr/bin/gpg" or not?

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