With the help of Brian Harring, we've now got a check for unported
packages. It indicates 207 unported packages, of which 93 can
potentially be fixed by stabilizing newer versions and pulling unported
ebuilds from the tree.

I've uploaded the list [1]. Run `grep potentially
unported-notinc-nonstable-arches.log  | cut -d: -f1 | sed -e
"s:-[0-9].*::" | uniq | wc -l` to get the number of packages that can be
stabilized, or `cut -d: -f1 unported-notinc-nonstable-arches.log | sed
-e "s:-[0-9].*::" | uniq | wc -l` to get the total unported packages. If
you want a list, remove the `wc -l` from the end.



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