Krzysiek Pawlik wrote:
> Two new new-style virtuals have been added today to the tree:
>  - virtual/jdk
>  - virtual/jre
> This allows migration to generation 2 of Java build system to advance.
> All virtual/{jdk,jre} have been removed from profiles. The bug for this
> was #138747.
Something worth mentioning... If you have problems where dependencies
fail to resolve, like dev-java/blackdown-1.5, or dev-java/kaffe-1.4, it
means you have some stale PROVIDE files kicking around. You will likely
want to run the following to find them:

find /var/db/pkg -name PROVIDE | xargs egrep -l 'virtual/jdk|virtual/jre'

This should give you a list of files to you'll want to delete.

- Josh
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