On Monday 10 July 2006 01:51, Ryan Hill wrote:
> No, that would be a major pain in the ass for anyone wanting to use
> -fast-math, which does have legitimate uses.
I want to pose here that -ffast-math has NO LEGITIMATE use as a global CFLAG. 
In some apps it doesn't matter as they don't use math. For others it is 
fatal. If users want to use it on a particular app, they better 
use /etc/portage/bashrc.

> > 2) If yes, are there any other flags that ebuilds should die on ?
> There's a million, and they're constantly changing.  For example,
> -frename-registers is generally safe on GCC 3.4, broken in 4.0, and enabled
> by default on 4.1.

The flags that would apply are those that break apps because their use is 
broken. Not because the particular compiler is broken in this instance.

> Users playing with CFLAGS get to keep the pieces.  Trying to dummy-proof
> the system doesn't help anyone but the dummies. ;)

I don't mind that much not doing anything with -ffast-math, but filtering it 
out should not be done. It is a broken flag. Filtering it out gives the 
message that it isn't unsafe to use.


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