Duncan wrote the following on 09.10.2006 12:51 :
> "Dice R. Random" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> posted
> [EMAIL PROTECTED], excerpted
> below, on  Sun, 08 Oct 2006 18:30:56 -0700:
>>> For example <c>-ffast-math</c> is added by the xmame/xmess ebuilds on
>>> most architectures even tho you SHOULD NOT put it in your CFLAGS.</li>
>> "tho" should be "though"
> FWIW, that addition was at my suggestion, and I used the informal list
> spelling I always do.  I didn't expect it to make it literally into the
> proposed paragraph, but it must have slipped by him when he took my
> suggestion.

I did hesitate :-) But as english isn't my native language, I chose to
belive that 'tho' was now acceptable.

I cc: gwn-feedback so that they are aware of the corrections.

Here are Dice's corrections:

1/ Extra space before "Gentoo" in:
link=http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/about.xml> Gentoo experience</uri>
in the first paragraph.

2/ s/frustating/frustrating/

3/ Example should be plural in <p>Example of this are :</p>

4/ s/optimised/optimized/

5/ s/tho/though

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