Hi all:

After kloeri's leaving, the Gentoo/Alpha crew wants to make a little
note about the status of the arch team:

 - armin    (general keywording)
 - ferdy    (general keywording and AT program)
 - spb      (selinux stuff)
 - stefaan  (openAFS)
 - wolf     (release stuff and keywording)
 - yoswink  (general keywording)
 - Spanky   (general fixing)

 - grknight  (arch tester)
 - blackb|rd (dev box admin and testing)

ferdy is our new Strategic Leader. One leader is enough for such a
reduced group.

We are going to keep the status of security supported arch and ferdy is
also the new security laison though the rest of us generally work on
security bugs too.

Dev boxes
After Virginia University announced it can't support our 7 box cluster
anymore, we've changed our dev box to a lovely AlphaServer ES40. We are
also waiting to osuosl to put on-line some boxes HP donated years ago.

During the last times, there were some changes in the people and
entities who have helped Gentoo/Alpha in different ways. We want to send
a big thanks to: Virginia University (and special to Dforge, for all the
support with the gendcc cluster), Tobias Klausmann (for providing the
new dev box), HP and OSUOSL (for the boxes and hosting) and, specially,
to Bryan (kloeri) for being always the great mentor and person we had in
#gentoo-alpha channel.


P.D: for those of you worried out there: *NO*. Gentoo/Alpha is *not*
going to have a different default package manager than the rest of Gentoo ;)

Life is not so serious, leave the flames and find a real vicious.

Jose Luis Rivero [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Gentoo/Doc Gentoo/Alpha

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