Marcus "cryos" Hanwell gave a talk on Gentoo and KDE on Sunday at aKademy 

Marcus presented the current state of KDE in Gentoo, our current headaches 
and questions as well as what we hope for or expect for the future.

I rarely enjoy taped presentations but this one was entertaining *and* 
interesting as he changed the slides he had sent to the KDE herd before 
in the last minute, it seems. And only for the better. :-)

Marcus, no need to worry about your talk being preserved for eternity on 
the net - personally, I really liked it and think you did very well. So 
I'll be sure to keep my copy. :-)
I would like to thank you very much for doing it. 

You'll find the recording of Marcus' talk at 

Scroll down to the bottom, second last talk on the left. The video is 
linked there. But beware - 107 MB. :-)

For the brave, here's the *direct* link (again 107 MB!):


I'm sure they'll put up the slides themselves up soon, too. Or maybe 
Marcus will put up the final version somewhere soon. 

Best regards, Wulf

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