Hi all:

I've read on the planet the recently included support to document USE
flags in metadata. Seems like it was an idea from flameeyes and cardoe,
discussed on the planet [1][2] and performed by -infra (bug #199788).

While planet is a good medium to share ideas and get contributors, seems to
me like we need a more official way to discuss this kind of 'global'
ideas before make them real. Or at least drop a note on -dev-announce
explaining the new feature and telling devs and users this is now
officially supported.

I'm not asking for an extra overhead of 'bureaucracy' (write specs,
mailling @dev, send to the council, etc.) but a bit more of communication 
would be appreciated:

Is the feature ready to be used? Is there any kind of documentation
(aside of DTD)? It will replace use.desc?


[2] http://blog.cardoe.com/archives/2007/11/23/metadataxml-updates-examples/

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