> While planet is a good medium to share ideas and get contributors,
> seems to me like we need a more official way to discuss this kind of
> 'global' ideas before make them real. Or at least drop a note on
> -dev-announce explaining the new feature and telling devs and users
> this is now officially supported.

yoswink, thanks for bringing the discussion to gentoo-dev - i was not 
aware of such an effort.

> Is the feature ready to be used? Is there any kind of documentation
> (aside of DTD)? It will replace use.desc?

the idea is really great IMHO and the implementation is pretty straight 
forward. thanks to flameeyes and cardoe for putting their heads together.

now this needs to be extended and made mandatory for all ebuilds. in order 
to reduce the workload the global useflags should only be documented 
once - while still allowing ebuilds to extend (or even override?) the 
global description.

great stuff all around.
happy hacking


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