Jose Luis Rivero wrote:
Hi all:

I've read on the planet the recently included support to document USE
flags in metadata. Seems like it was an idea from flameeyes and cardoe,
discussed on the planet [1][2] and performed by -infra (bug #199788).

While planet is a good medium to share ideas and get contributors, seems to
me like we need a more official way to discuss this kind of 'global'
ideas before make them real. Or at least drop a note on -dev-announce
explaining the new feature and telling devs and users this is now
officially supported.
Thank you for taking the time to announce it to gentoo-dev since I haven't had the time with my family being here for the holidays to do such. I'll take care of the e-mail to gentoo-dev-announce though.
I'm not asking for an extra overhead of 'bureaucracy' (write specs,
mailling @dev, send to the council, etc.) but a bit more of communication would be appreciated:
All the above is completely unnecessary and I would be happy to discuss details with you off list.

Is the feature ready to be used? Is there any kind of documentation
(aside of DTD)? It will replace use.desc?
Well the first question you answered yourself. You linked to a post I wrote describing live commits I made to the tree using this feature. As far as documentation, you will find that in your Gentoo Developer's Handbook [3], but most likely you'll say "But Doug, I don't see anything on these new changes." That's because the new changes have not been updated yet, again with the holiday's about it takes a little bit to get things done. Once the documentation is updated I had planned on sending an e-mail to gentoo-dev and gentoo-dev-announce.

As far as replacing use.desc, that is doubtful but a possibility of replacing use.local.desc is within consideration. However this would be in the distant future and we would have to see how the new features are used and evolve.

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