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I'm not asking for an extra overhead of 'bureaucracy' (write specs,
mailling @dev, send to the council, etc.) but a bit more of communication would be appreciated:

Seems like everyone who contact me/us about this thread is agree about the needed of write a GLEP before doing this kind of global changes. So I would like to add a couple of considerations:

1. Dear gentoo devs, in the future, please, write a GLEP for global changes affecting all of us and post them to -dev. This way you can get some feedback, improve the original idea and inform everybody about the new feature (all-in-one).

2. With respect to the new metadata USE flag implementation, I think that reverting the changes could be quite radical so my vote goes for: leave the thingy as it (stop adding use flags to metadata for now), write a quick GLEP and go through the process. When it's done, migrate the current data (if needed) and enjoy.


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