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> So. let's face it, the only people who agree on the need for a GLEP
> is Alec and Ciaran. The rest of the thread (which by the way I had
> to dig up on Gmane because I didn't really give a damn) is composed
> by Thilo who think is a great idea, and by Jer who answered to
> Thilo saying, afaics, that he doesn't see the reason to make it
> *mandatory*. Then there is Doug.

Er, I don't think it's a bad idea. Heck, I suggested it several years
back. What I do think is that there are several less than ideal aspects
of the way it's proposed that could easily be fixed by someone spending
a few hours going through the GLEP process. These aren't difficult
changes, but they will substantially improve the end result.

And no, the GLEP process isn't broken. Well thought out proposals can
be approved very quickly, and the GLEP process helps iron out any
problems in the proposals.

Ciaran McCreesh

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