Hello all,

Currently our Heimdal packages and MIT-KRB5 packages are woefully out of
date. I know Seemant tried for a while and I have been trying to recruit
maintainers for these packages but completely unsuccessfully. So I turn
to the mailing list to hopefully recruit someone. I don't use Heimdal
enough to become the maintainer for it but I do have a bunch of user
contributed work (he's not interested in becoming a maintainer) that I
have reviewed partially that could be a start for any future maintainer.
Also, if you're not currently a Gentoo developer, I'll happily be your
mentor and help you become an official developer.

Short version, we need a Heimdal and MIT-KRB5 maintainer. Preferably 2
since Heimdal and MIT are different.

Let me know if you're interested.

Doug Klima
Gentoo Developer
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