Ciaran McCreesh wrote:

Incidentally, I suspect the gcc example with _p is confusing people. The
normal use for an -scm suffix will be as follows:

Yeah I abused the _p suffix. My bad.

The whole _p thing only comes up for those very rare (or possibly
non-existent) projects that have patchset branches that are themselves

Actually I was thinking local patchset level.  Using a date was silly
though.  What I'm doing with gcc locally is currently more like:


(_preDATE is used solely due to restrictions of toolchain.eclass)

Basically I want to force an update
- when the ebuild is edited (_pre)
- when the patchset is updated (_p)

This naming is pretty much the same as the snapshot ebuilds in the toolchain overlay, so an -scm suffix to indicate that these
are indeed live SVN ebuilds would be welcome.

I hope this clears up what I meant, to give an example of why one
might want to use version numbers with an -scm suffix.

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