Hi out there,

as I was told on bugzilla, I am taking this here.

I do not know if this was proposed earlier, but I noticed, that
USE="sqlite" seems to just pull in any dev-db/sqlite, which in many
cases does not really mean any, like
DEPEND="sqlite? dev-db/sqlite"
would do, but something like
DEPEND="sqlite? ( >=dev-db/sqlite-3 )" ## from app-portage/eix/eix-0.10.3.ebuild

While sqlite3 pulls in dev-db/sqlite-3* (At least it should, I have
not really checked that one)

In my humble opinion it would be nice to have a greater degree of
control by separating this into two useflags, sqlite2 and sqlite3,
just like e.g. qt3 and qt4

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