On Monday, 14. January 2008, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> Ok, so per the one discussion in #-dev this evening, I'm looking for
> questions to put on a new user survey.
> For style of questions, multiple choice (both pick-one and pick-many) or
> simple integers would be best. However some freeform questions are
> probably going to end up in there anyway. 'Prefer not to answer' and 'I
> don't know' should be available in most questions.
> I don't have the original questions on hand right now (but i'm trying to
> get them), so used some classical census questions. Some of the ones I
> threw in are just what came to mind, I'd love to hear more questions and
> more sections.

Just some ideas:

Usage of Gentoo Services
 (could be differentiated between "read only" and "have an account")
 - Forums
 - Bugzilla
 - Planet Larry
 - Mailing Lists (more differentiated)

 (for read-only)
 - Planet Gentoo
 - Gentoo *ly Newsletter
 - Handbook
 - Other Docs
 - Security Announcements (GLSA)
   -- maybe: If so, how? (Forums, Website, RSS, Announce List, glsa-check)

 - External Gentoo-related sites:
  - Gentoo-Wiki.com
  - ...?

* Do you use overlays? (If so, which?)


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