As I am no longer an ebuild dev (real life job got in the way) I have a
whole slew of hardware that I'm willing to ship to any gentoo dev for
the cost of shipping alone. The list of hardware is as follows:

1x HP C3700 750 MHz PA-RISC
1x Dec/Compaq PWS 600 600 MHz Alpha
1x SGI Octane2 Dual 195 MHz Mips
1x HP ZX2000 1.4 GHz Itanium2
1x Apple G4 1.25 GHz PPC32

I also have a slew of SPARC hardware, need to go home and catalog that,
not all that sure what all I have. I can answer any questions about the
other specs of the machine upon request.

If anyone is interested contact me off list. I live in northern
California for shipping reference.



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