# Ulrich Mueller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (16 Jan 2008)
# Unclear licence. Masked for removal in 30 days.

See also my message from 3 Jul 2007:

> Today I stumbled over a package that has the following funny "licence"
> in its file headers:

> ;; Bozoup(P) 1995 The Bozo(tic) Softwar(e) Founda(t)ion, Inc.
> ;; See the BOZO Antipasto for further information.
> ;; If this is useful to you, may you forever be blessed by the Holy Lord
> ;; Patty.  AT&T you will.

As suggested on -dev, I've asked upstream for clarification in
July 2007 and sent a reminder in December, but haven't received any
definite answer.

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