Petteri Räty wrote:
> Alin Năstac kirjoitti:
>> Petteri Räty wrote:
>>> Benedikt Morbach kirjoitti:
>>>> In my humble opinion it would be nice to have a greater degree of
>>>> control by separating this into two useflags, sqlite2 and sqlite3,
>>>> just like e.g. qt3 and qt4
>>> Probably. Even better would be to get rid of sqlite2 but that
>>> probably doesn't happen any time soon.
>> I understood this will be the case, so I removed sqlite2 support from
>> mail-filter/dspam even though it could support both versions.
> If a program supports both then go with sqlite3. The things is that
> there are sqlite2 only things left. I don't have much interest in
> sqlite2.
If a program supports only sqlite2, shouldn't "sqlite? (
=dev-db/sqlite-2* )" be used as dependency atom?

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