Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto a écrit :
Christian Faulhammer wrote:
| Hi,
| Ryan Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
|> Daniel Ostrow wrote:
|>> As I am no longer an ebuild dev (real life job got in the way) I
|>> have a whole slew of hardware that I'm willing to ship to any
|>> gentoo dev for the cost of shipping alone. The list of hardware is
|>> as follows:
| [...]
|> I think Jakub should get the Octane2.  Then he can help with all
|> those mips bugs. :)
|  /me opens "Pay MIPS shipping for jakub" fund.  Donate now!

/me redirects some funds from the "voodoo-dolls business" to the "Pay
MIPS shipping for jakub" fund ;-)

/me redirects some of the "Keg for Jakub" fund to the "Pay MIPS shipping for jakub" fund. I'll get you some beers when there are no more mips bugs left. Ha!

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