Hi all

I'm finally giving in to reality and retiring as a Gentoo Dev.  I've
been effectively inactive since March last year and lack of time
means that isn't going to change any time soon.  I'll still be using
Gentoo of course, so I'll still stick my nose in on bugzilla now and
again :)

There's not much out there that depends on me; packages that have my
name against them as maintainer are:




There's useful work to be done on the myspell dictionaries (which are
used by hunspell). Currently various applications install their own
copies of dictionaries in various places - something that is just
wasteful and lazy.  I'd always intended to finish an eselect module for
managing myspell dictionaries; got some work done but never finished it
off. eselect-oodict was a quick version for dealing with OOo.org
dictionaries (which uses myspell dictionaries) and you can find my
attempts at a more generic eselect-myspell on bugzilla.  Doing that
needs co-operation from the relevant applications (particularly the
mozilla application set).

qtparted is controversial and may not be worth holding on to; see
bugzilla for details.

Lastly, just to say I've learned a lot from my involvement with Gentoo
over the time I was active and it has been very worthwhile for me;
hopefully I've managed to contribute at least something back to

All the best,

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