On 2/4/08, Jonas Bernoulli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 2/4/08, Donnie Berkholz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On 20:11 Mon 04 Feb     , Jonas Bernoulli wrote:
> > > Thinking about it again I would say tags and categories just fulfill
> > > different purposes. Tags can not replace categories but might be a
> > > useful extension to categories for the tasks I described, not more not
> > > less. They are not better or worse, just different:)
> >
> > Why don't you think they can replace categories?
> Quick answer: Because there are packages with the same name in
> different categories. How would tags deal with that?

Techincally you could enforce UNIQUE(pkg,[tags]), I agree thats a poor
constraint though ;)

> Long answer: Well maybe there is a way. But I think that it would
> probably take a long time to make such a change. Technically tags
> could probably replace categories but then their would be no definite
> "full" name for that package anymore.
> Someone calls it foo/app and someone bar/app, and since there is also
> fuu/app which is a different application but with the same name,
> nobody would no for sure about package is being taked about without
> checking if his beloved foo/app is the same as bar/app the other guy
> is talking about. Also how do you sort the packages in the tree? all
> in one directory?! every package in the directories of each tag it
> belongs to using hardlinks?

Filtering packages on tags would be very difficult without a metadata
cache for metadata XML as you would need to pull down each package's
metadata.xml to determine if it meets your filtering requirements.
Excluding individual packages wouldn't be that hard although I imagine
there may be problems with the length of the rsync command line if
your filtering is too aggressive ;)

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