Oleg Puchinin wrote:

> Hello!
> I develop project SilentBob ( http://silentbob.sf.net ).
>  I would like to see SilentBob in Gentoo.
> Somebody can help me with it?
>  Oleg.
Bug as mentioned, #gentoo-dev-help #bash and ##workingset on
irc.freenode.org for help, then once it's maintainer-wanted, join
#gentoo-sunrise to get it into the sunrise overlay. There you can also
maintain it, and others can use it along with any dependencies, and it gets
developer QA. If it gets enough users, it might get picked up by a
dev/herd, or you might qualify as a dev to get it into the official tree
(assuming you can't find a dev interested immediately.)

Looks quite interesting (shame there's no C herd); good luck!

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