On Sat, 16 Feb 2008 07:49:09 pm Oleg Puchinin wrote:
> Day kind!
> I recently have started to use Gentoo, and I had one question.

I counted two.

> What for to charge developers of a problem of check of packages?
I don't know what this means.

>  Why to not make public system of ratings?

There has been no major motivation to implement such a system.
>  For example voting 
> " is not compiled At all "
> "works"
> ...
> "It is excellent"
> "I wish to see a package in Gentoo "
bugs.gentoo.org has the ability to assign votes to bugs. If you like something 
you can blog about it.

> And so for each [new] package.

Small amounts of this can be done on bug reports.

Get involved with overlay projects like sunrise to increase the usages of 
packages you like. Maybe oneday you'll even become a gentoo developer and can 
make a package mainstream.

> Oleg.

Daniel Black <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Gentoo Foundation

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